The dangers of online dating-Preventative actions to take to date safely online

Jeanna Kelley reports for Concho Valley Online “ASU student, Jeremy Ifasso, says, “we don’t know really who is behind the screen until we see them face-to-face.” Jeremy has used the online dating apps, and like many other students… ASU student, Eric Valle, says, “that should be creepy. You don’t know this person and they want to meet up already.” ASU student, Sonja Gonzalez, says, “I don’t know, I’d be kind of cautious about it.” Taking precaution while you’re looking at other people’s profiles is key, so when it comes to our own profiles, it is important not to overshare. Public Information Officer for SAPD, Tracy Gonzalez,says, “never put your personal address out there. Don’t show your phone number at first. Don’t provide an email. Don’t tell the person where you work.” Educating yourself on the safety tips these apps provide is recommended.”

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