Testimonial from Jerry – Tampa

“Nancy is the best! She is extremely personable and professional, and spent several hours with me to discuss in depth to determine exactly what I was and was not looking for in a potential match.

In setting up the date, she first called to discuss the attributes of importance of the other, and set a first meeting to take place at a local Starbucks, Panera Bread or other reasonably-priced and public space. She then expected a follow-up call from both parties to discuss what was good (or not so good) about the match, in order to further fine-tine future matches.

She has introduced me to 7 women so far, each of whom were well within my preferred parameters, and two of them we women I very much wanted to see again. Her matchmaking skills were right on the mark! Nancy is passionate about her work, and really cares about her clients, and I hold her in high regard, both as a friend and as a Life Coach and Matchmaker. I highly recommend and endorse her services and don’t feel the need to be anonymous about it. So, if you have any questions about my own experience in using her services, please feel free to contact me at jerryslu@aol.com

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