Facts and Questions

What is Tampa Bay MatchMakers?

Tampa Bay MatchMakers is the ONLY Certified matchmaking and  life/relationship coaching in Tampa Bay for Singles. Our clients receive a unique, proven approach to matching. Our trained, certified, and experienced Matchmaking Coaches offer personal coaching, support, follow-up and feedback with complete privacy and confidentiality.

Why should I use a matchmaking service?

If you are a busy professional looking for a successful relationship, why not call (813) 907-0410 or email Tampa Bay Matchmakers now?

In today’s world, searching for relationships is demanding, complicated and time consuming.

Top 10 Reasons to hire a Matchmaker according to the Matchmaking Institute:
1. You are a workaholic
2. You have limited access to potential partners
3. You have unrealistic expectations
4. You have a tendency to make unwise partner choices
5. You usually chose unavailable partners
6. You view potential partners through marriage eyes
7. You are socially awkward or a bit shy
8. You find it hard to go on a date after a divorce
9. You are looking for a long term relationship
10. You just think that love is a little too complicated

What is a Professional Matchmaker?

Dr. Nancy H. Wall is Tampa Bay’s ONLY Certified and Professional Matchmaker per the MatchMaking Institute.

According to the Matchmaking Institute, a professional matchmaker is:
– Works with you to understand your past and how it affects your current dating patterns
– Helps you shift outmoded or unproductive thinking patterns
– Suggests altering specific behaviors to reflect more of what you want in your life
– Builds self-esteem by focusing on your strengths
– Packages and presents you in the best possible light
– Markets you to a well defined target community
– Prescreens all potential dates for you
– Follows up after each date for specific feedback – pluses and minuses
– Zeros in on your perfect match using your feedback

Why Should I use a Matchmaking Service?

Professional matchmakers are experts in the field of helping people find love. They get to know you one-on-one, coordinate dates and guide you through the process of finding the right relationship. When working with a professional matchmaker you should expect to make some kind of meaningful connection within the first three or four introductions.

Trust. Matchmakers make it their business to get to know you: your wants, needs and desires. It is important for them to establish trust so that you feel comfortable communicating all your wishes.

Privacy. Your matchmaker will only introduce you to people you’re interested in and will not release your contact information or photo to anyone without your permission. By using a matchmaker, no one, not your boss, your ex, or your family members, will know you are looking for a mate unless you tell them.

Safety. No one wants to meet a perfect stranger. Your matchmaker has spoken with, met and checked the references of everyone you are introduced to. Because of this, you can explore romance without fear or worry.

Personalized Service. Your matchmaker gets to know YOU and based on your unique personality, lifestyle, likes, dislikes and values, understands exactly who will be a suitable and rewarding match.

Time Saver. You don’t have to spend countless hours browsing thousands of online profiles, writing dozens of introduction emails and spending the evening alone when a promising prospect doesn’t show up for a date. Your matchmaker takes care of all the details for you allowing you to save your energy for the actual date.

What can I expect from the complimentary consultation?

Please see Easy Steps to Matchmaking (click here)

How do the process work after the complimentary consultation?

After your complimentary consultation, you are welcome to contact with and become a select member of Tampa Bay MatchMakers.

Once you become a member of Tampa Bay MatchMakers, your application will be screened to verify your information. This is necessary to ensure that we maintain high quality Clients.

Based on your specific requirements, your Matchmaking Coach will recommend a customized program for you, including coaching, workshops and selective introductions. After each introduction, we receive feedback from both Clients to ensure we are meeting each individual’s needs. Successful relationships stem from our proven matchmaking approach, which incorporates in-depth evaluation and analysis of information provided by you, your Matchmaking Coach, and your dates.

How does the Tampa Bay MatchMakers Membership work?

Tampa Bay MatchMakers will work with you toward your goals of relationship success. Based on your commitments, travel plans, life circumstances and relationship success, you are welcome to place your membership “on hold” and reactivate the remainder of your membership at any time.

Who are Tampa Bay MatchMakers’ Clients? Who will I be matched with?

Our Clients are local, professional single men and women, between the ages of 21 and 90, who desire to meet other quality individuals, like yourself, in the Tampa Bay area for a committed, monogamous relationship.

How do I get started?

Call today at (813) 907-0410 and speak directly with one of our Matchmaking Coaches, or email Tampa Bay Matchmakers to schedule a confidential, complimentary consultation