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Dating? A magic formula to predict attraction is more elusive than ever

Science Daily shares a University of Utah study discussing “Dating websites often claim attraction between two people can be predicted from the right combination of traits and preferences, but a new study casts doubt on that assertion. The study, which used speed dating data, found a computer could predict who is desirable and how much someone would desire others — who’s hot and who’s not — but it could not unravel the mystery of unique desire for a specific person.”

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A Major Online Dating Turn On (Or Turn Off)? Your Credit Score

Judith Ohikaure writes for Refinery 29 “Although I don’t date much myself, my friends and acquaintances who are putting in the work to find their next short- or long-term boo often say they have their routines down pat. There’s the intro line — some pithy version of Dev’s “Going to Whole Foods want me to pick anything up for you” pitch in Master of None. Then, once a meet-up happens, people often go with a combination of asking pointed questions and sharing particular information.”

8 No BS Tips For Dating In Your 40s

Vicky Cook reports for Your Tango ” Dating in your 40s is a different ballgame than dating in your 20s.   When you’re dating in your 20s, you’re bright-eyed and optimistic. When you’re dating in your 40s, you’ve been around the block a few times and likely hit a few bumps along the way. The rose colored glasses come off around the time you discover your long-term partner isn’t who you thought they’d be. Regardless of whether you’ve been married or not, getting back out there after ending a long-term relationship is tough.”

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6 Ways Your Dating Life Changes From Your 20s To Your 30s

Suzanne McKenzie writes for Elite Daily “Let’s get something straight: Dating can be challenging no matter how old you are. And by challenging, we mean it sucks. But only sometimes. Can you tell that we have a slightly complicated relationship with the subject? But if we know anything at all, it’s that the dating experience is constantly changing. And this becomes particularly noticeable when you graduate from dating in your 20s to dating in your 30s. Don’t get us wrong — we’re NOT talking about a “once you hit 30 all you care about is settling down and having babies” kind of change. Those who find themselves in the dating game when the big 3-0 rolls around have the somewhat unique experience of actually dating as 30-somethings. That ultimately means they’ve had some time to get to know themselves on a whole new level.”

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David Simon, Play wright/Executive Producer/Writer, shares this comical piece at The Huffington Post “Well you are either really angry at me for that title or like me, you still have your sense of humor. I’m proud to say that my sense of humor is as locked and loaded as Trump’s toy army and still full of fire and fury. Though my fury looks more like a horse from when I was little. Without my never-ending capacity to laugh, one more experience would win me a weekend stay at Bellevue where I would hallucinate Jerry Garcia style, all the dating pictures that I have encountered over the last week. While we’re on the subject, let’s begin with the pictures that women post on these services.”

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Dating is becoming a full-time job

Christian Gollayan writes for The New York Post ” One evening in April 2016, 26-year-old Rachel D’Ruan brought a first date to happy hour with some work friends on the Upper East Side. Two hours into drinks, she fibbed and told her suitor that she had another work event to attend. She then left for the NoMad Hotel in the Flatiron District to meet a second date for cocktails. Three drinks later, she told her second date that she had a cousin’s party to plan and headed to a third date: dinner at Wolfgang’s Steakhouse in Tribeca with a man she had met at a networking event.”

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New Books Explore How to be Single and Christian

Ann Byle writes for Publishers Weekly “More than half of Americans (54%) between ages 18 and 49 are single, but less than a quarter of church-goers fall into this group, according to a report from Barna Trends. In addition to dropping church attendance overall, churches are noticing the lack of singles in their pews. As church leaders consider how to draw and keep singles, publishers are offering books aimed at both the clergy and single Christians exploring the specific needs of this often overlooked demographic of believers.”

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She’s 98. He’s 94. They Met at the Gym.

Vincent Mallozzi writes for The NY Times “Gertrude Mokotoff and Alvin Mann were introduced eight years ago at a gym in Middletown, N.Y., where they still work out twice a week. “A mutual friend said to me, ‘I’d like you to meet a very nice young lady,’” Mr. Mann recalled after chopping wood one recent morning at his mountaintop home in nearby Cuddebackville, N.Y. On their first date, he drove her to a restaurant in Middletown called Something Sweet. “He was a perfect gentleman,” she said, and he added, “There was something about her that made me want to keep on talking.”

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If You Met On A Dating App, Your Relationship Needs To Have These 5 Things To Make It

Alison Segel writes for Elite Daily “I can’t remember the last time I actually met someone I’d consider dating in real life. You know, like a meet-cute at a bar or a grocery store. Or maybe in the library, where I meet the love of my life when we both reach for the same book in the self-help section. Dating has primarily moved itself online and onto phones now, since we are all introverted robots apparently who do not know how to do things that involve leaving the house and talking to people in public. But when romance became an app, finding love became a little bit trickier.”

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